Geometric Analysis of Turbulent Macrostructure in Gets Laid on Flat Surfaces for Turbulence Intensity Calculation





Gumen, Olena
Dovhaliuk, Volodymyr
Mileikovskyi, Viktor
Lebedieva, Olha
Dziubenko, Volodymyr

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University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


European Norms for ventilation contain turbulence intensity requirements in rooms. One of the determining factors is turbulence intensity in ventilation jets. We found an approach for geometric analysis of turbulent macrostructure for subsonic flows with large-scale vorticity i.e. ventilation jets and boundary layers between flows. This approach requires building of simplified turbulent macrostructure chart and performing geometrical analysis of it. In previous works, using the approach we analytically found averaged characteristic of free jets, jets in flows and jets laid on different shape surfaces without requirements of any experimental data. The results of geometrical analysis of heat transfer between flows are used in Ukrainian norms. In this work we found turbulence intensity of wall jets on flat surfaces such as room walls or ceiling without any experimental values. The results coincide with known experimental data and may be used in flow calculation in rooms.


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turbulence intensity, turbulent macrostructure, jet, wall jet, computational fluid dynamic, кафедра теплогазопостачання та вентиляції

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Geometric Analysis of Turbulent Macrostructure in Jets Laid on Flat Surfaces for Turbulence Intensity Calculation / O. Gumen, V. Dovhaliuk, V. Mileikovskyi, O. Lebedieva, V. Dziubenko // FME TRANSACTIONS. – Belgrade : University of Belgrade Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 2017. – Vol. 45, № 2. – Р. 236-242. - Bibliogr. : 21 titl.