Analysis of the main characteristics of industrial risk

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Any practical, including industrial, human activity is potentially dangerous, that is, it is impossible to achieve absolute security in any of its types. Based on this thesis in western countries, the basis of the life-safety methodology, which is part of the protection of labor, is based on the concept of acceptable risk. The concept of "risk" has a long history of use as a legal category. But due to the rapid development of industrial production and the need to justify various aspects of military activity, this concept has become more widespread in other sectors. Usually, risk is associated with a manifestation of uncertainty and signs of danger.
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industrial risk, кафедра охорони праці і навколишнього середовища
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Hunchenko Oksana. Analysis of the main characteristics of industrial risk / O. Hunchenko // Book of abstracts and Program of the First Eurasian Conference "Innovations in minimization of natural and technological risks", May 22 - 24, 2019, Baku, Azerbaijan, 2019. - Р. 34.