The impact of climate change on workers in the construction and road industries working outdoors

Voloshkina О.S.
Zhukova О.G.
Kovalоva А.V
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This paper presents the algorithm of the system model developed by the authors to assess and predict the acceptability of production risk for workers working outdoors in urban areas. When building the model, a comprehensive approach was used, which takes into account all the influential factors in the context of global climate change. The model consists of two levels of hierarchy. An example of this approach is given for a separate subsystem of the model, which takes into account the subsystem of interaction of temperature and air quality indicators on the health of workers on the example of Darnytska Square in Kyiv based on meteorological data 2013-2020. A scale of classifications between quantitative indicators of industrial risk and indicators of air pollution has been developed. On the example of some large road junctions in Kyiv, the classification of industrial risk from the level of secondary air pollution by formaldehyde due to photochemical transformations in the air under constant weather conditions in 2016 is given as one of the hottest observations in the city. The results will be useful in developing recommendations for the protection of workers' health in the context of global climate change.
Ключові слова
risk, urban area, health of workers, air pollution, highways, climatic factors
Бібліографічний опис
Climate Change & Sustainable Development: New Challenges of the Century: Monograph. – Mykolaiv: PMBSNU – Rzeszow: RzUT, 2021.- С. 479 – 490.