Efficiency estimation of the shaped hot rolled steel product mix of India and Ukraine

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Hot-rolled steel shaped sections form the basis for the design of structural elements, because they not only provide a high level of manufacturability, but also the necessary reliability and quality of constructions. Therefore, the question of the construction and efficiency of product mix of such sections remains quite relevant, because in the metal structures market there are constantly certain economic events that lead to a change in demand for different types of steel shaped sections. The expansion of cooperation between countries, which has been constantly occurring in the world over the last decades, among others in the field of metalwork design, creates the conditions for a kind of interchangeability of steel sections in the civil structures projects performed by design bureaus in different parts of the globe. One of the decisive factors in this case is the possibility of using national varieties of rolled steel product mix of different countries. This is the exact situation that is more and more often getting the matter under the conditions of collaboration between specialists of India and Ukraine in the field of design and construction of mini-factories for the pharmacological industry. Such small businesses are able to produce large volumes of relatively cheap medicines under licenses of well-known brands. However, buildings and territories that are now often used in India and Ukraine to house such industries have been unused and unattended for some time. During their reconstruction, appropriate project proposals are developed, which in their term aim to use local materials, facilities and manpower. In this connection, there is a question of comparison and possible replacement of shaped rolled steel, which is quite widely used in such cases. The main purpose of this publication is to present a comparative study of the effectiveness and analysis of the peculiarities of use of the shaped rolled metal products of India in comparison with the current similar domestic product mix of Ukraine.
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кафедра теоретичної механіки, product mix, metal rolling, steel constructions, metal structures, shaped sections, India, Ukraine.
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Efficiency estimation of the shaped hot rolled steel product mix of India and Ukraine / V. Gaidaichuk, D. Bannikov, A. Radkevych, A. Muntian // Будівельні конструкціїї. Теорія і практика : наук.-техн. зб. / Київ. нац. ун-т буд-ва і архіт. ; гол. ред. О. Д. Журавський. – Київ : КНУБА, 2019. - Вип. 4. - С. 4-9.- Бібліогр. : 9 назв.