Review of monitoring and forecasting tools of the crop yield





Mingxin Huang

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A theoretical basis for research was created to solve the problem of creating an information technology for monitoring the yield of agricultural crops based on the analysis of multispectral images obtained by remote sensing. The geoinformation system created on the basis of this technology should monitor and yield the analysis of satellite time series of images to identify quantitative and qualitative indicators of yield, possible diseases of plants, and the like. The problem described in the work is relevant in conditions of environmental uncertainty. It is revealed that as a result of the food crisis, the consequence of which is a constant increase in the cost of food products, agriculture is increasingly functioning in conditions of uncertainty and risk, which requires the use of special research methods.


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geoinformation technologies, agriculture, monitoring crop yields

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Mingxin Huang. Review of monitoring and forecasting tools of the crop yield / Mingxin Huang // Управління розвитком складних систем : зб. наук. праць / Київ. нац. ун-т буд-ва і архітектури ; гол. ред. Лізунов П. П. – Київ : КНУБА, 2019. – № 38. – С. 161-167. - Бібліогр. : 44 назви.