Ways of comfort radius definition of accessibility for pedestrians to the first service objects





Golubenko, Vladislav

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In this article is briefly exposed one of the main problem of civil construction of nowadays − accessibility of pedestrian areas. Were investigated normative documents of Ukraine connected with this question, were defined and classified main factors, that influence on the comfort of walker's move. Were also defined factors that are influencing on the planning aspect of comfort of the movement- pedestrian accessibility. The given results of definition of the influence of such factors as type of attraction object, type of the layout of site development and dilatational slope of the track. The influence of the type of the priority service object was made with pedestrian audition. The grade of influence of the site development type was defined with misalignment coefficient, usual for several layout types of pedestrian tracks. The influence of longitude inclination is being defined through monitoring of the changes in cardiovascular system and inner body temperature during the movement with permanent speed on different slopes.as a result, was given a method of definition of the comfort of accessibility for pedestrians to the object of priority service, that can be used during the planning of new development and during the estimation of one already existing. According to achieved results, the comfort radius can be both smaller and bigger of the normative, that gives corresponding economical benefits with the usage of the method.


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accessibility for pedestrians, radius, normative, type of site development, slope, pedestrian audition, misalignment coefficient, пешеходная доступность, радиус, норматив, тип застройки, уклон, коэффициент непрямолинейности

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