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  • Документ
    The influence of longitudinal slope of main road carriage-way on the mass emission from road transport in the atmospheric air
    (KNUCA, 2015) Solukha, Igor
    Relevance: the issue of the impact of longitudinal slope of the street, as geometrical parameter of carriage-way, on mass emission of pollutants from motor transport is raised. The tasks of research: consider the concepts of longitudinal street slopes, discharge, exhaust gas, mass emission, atmospheric air. The technique of research: the theoretical technique of analysis for determining the role of longitudinal slope of a carriage-way on the adoption of engineering and planning decision of main roads intersection is implied. The results of research: the interdependence of the mass emission of pollutants into the atmospheric air from road transport and slope of a carriageway was established. Conclusions: It was established that with increasing slope mass emission of pollutants may grow 3...15 times as many.
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    The effects of mirror reflection from flat and curved translucent structures
    (2015) Karpenko, Valentina
    The article gives examples of flat and curved translucent, mirror walling. There are presented variations of their formation by comparing with geometric transformations of form. Сombinatorial technique is applied.
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    The solar component in the context of the inhabited areas microclimate regulation
    (KNUCA, 2015) Koziatnyk, Iryna
    Summer overheated modern city deteriorates living conditions in it. For this purpose, the climate formation is considered in three adjacent spatial levels: macroclimate of geographical area; mesoclimate of a certain location (southern slope of the mountain, river valley, the sea coast); microclimate of two-meter surface layer (at the level of the human body). These levels of different spatial scale have similar mechanisms of climate formation. The radiation temperature and wind conditions of the area are the main causes of the overheating. The specified information proposes to research the solar radiation and the surfaces to accumulate it. The urban landscape is predominated over by the surface, which significantly accumulate heat. Hence the surface layer of air in the city receives three times more heat than in the natural environment. Thus, microclimate is formed in the streets, squares, in a housing estate and city parks under the natural and city planning factors. The found that for balancing and softening of microclimate conditions for living and of effective impact on the heat, humidity and aeration regime of the modern city, it is desirable to achieve a ratio of 1:1 between its planting and artificial surfaces.
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    Labor skeleton frame as functional and spatial system of city planning and management
    (KNUCA, 2015) Svoboda, Daria
    Models of work localization places originated in ancient towns and cities of the Renaissance period. Regularities of geometrical dependences are traced in many theories of the cities. An important criterion for the quality of the city planning structure is travel timeweighted average to the main places of work.
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    Morphogenesis and correction of planar rod constructions with a small amount of free nodes
    (KNUCA, 2015) Skochko, Volodymyr
    This publication is devoted to practical aspects of a new method of form correction of planar rod constructions. This method should be used after the initial shape of the frame construction is already defined. At the same time, suggested method makes it possible to determine the components of the stress-strain state of the construction and has the same mathematical foundation as a method of cutting out of nodes in theoretical mechanics. Also, the article demonstrates the principle of applying the method on the example of correction of form of elementary frame construction with hinge joint of rods. An example illustrates the advantages of this method over methods of numerical simulation, because it does not require changing of instrument base during the transition from automated shaping of construction to determination of efforts in its rods.
  • Документ
    Ways of comfort radius definition of accessibility for pedestrians to the first service objects
    (KNUCA, 2015) Golubenko, Vladislav
    In this article is briefly exposed one of the main problem of civil construction of nowadays − accessibility of pedestrian areas. Were investigated normative documents of Ukraine connected with this question, were defined and classified main factors, that influence on the comfort of walker's move. Were also defined factors that are influencing on the planning aspect of comfort of the movement- pedestrian accessibility. The given results of definition of the influence of such factors as type of attraction object, type of the layout of site development and dilatational slope of the track. The influence of the type of the priority service object was made with pedestrian audition. The grade of influence of the site development type was defined with misalignment coefficient, usual for several layout types of pedestrian tracks. The influence of longitude inclination is being defined through monitoring of the changes in cardiovascular system and inner body temperature during the movement with permanent speed on different slopes.as a result, was given a method of definition of the comfort of accessibility for pedestrians to the object of priority service, that can be used during the planning of new development and during the estimation of one already existing. According to achieved results, the comfort radius can be both smaller and bigger of the normative, that gives corresponding economical benefits with the usage of the method.
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    The role of land compulsory purchase in engineering and transport infrastructure development
    (KNUCA, 2015) Petrakovska, Olga; Mykhalova, Mariia
    This paper deals the consideration of the consequences of unjustified decision making on the land development with the application of land compulsory purchase for the engineering and transport infrastructure construction. In the article are considered the approaches to determine the efficiency of land development from the standpoint of needs of population life support and industry complex as well as investment interests.
  • Документ
    Principles and strategies of sustainable development of region
    (KNUCA, 2015) Ustinova, Iryna
    To determine the principles and strategies of sustainable development the analysis of general trends in human development in ecophysical sense of this phenomenon were made. The following concepts were considered: ethnogenesis, ecosystem autoregulation, demographic and dynamics of urban development. The comparative analysis of general trends in ethnic-, eco-, demo- and urbosystem testified that based thermodynamic model, results in successive changes of phases and phase transitions. The notions of ethnic homeostasis", "stable population" and "balance in urban areas" expose the essence of the phenomenon of "ecological balance" in public and environment interaction. The considered development is an oscillatory process, where the criterion of “best” is excluded, where only the rhythm of change conditions, with more or less intensity, speed and capacity development exist. It is established that the regularity of selfregulation defines the development of urban areas as the environmental and urban systems. In this regard the development of these areas is purposeful and predictable and therefore is a manageable process with a given goal – the sustainable development in a range of ecological balance. The equilibrium is described by a ratio of 1:1 between population size and demographic capacity of the territory.
  • Документ
    Theoretical studies and calculations of wastewater treatment in trickling biofilters
    (KNUCA, 2015) Kolpakova, Olga
    On the basis of the analysis of existing models and methods of calculation, proposed a general mathematical model of the process of removal of organic contaminants in an aerobic biological wastewater treatment in trickling biofilters with sufficient support biooxidation by oxygen. Results of comparison of theoretical calculations with experimental data obtained by different authors in trickling biofilters with different loading are presented. As the results, the theoretical calculations are in general well correlated with the experimental data.
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    The assessment of heavy metal accumulation by myxomycetes
    (KNUCA, 2015) Kryvomaz, Tetiana
    The assessment of heavy metal accumulation by myxomycetes (slime moulds) has been made. The importance of these organisms for environmental safety monitoring was specified. Ecological and physiological mechanisms of ability of myxomycetes to concentrate metals and other elements from their substrates were analyzed. For five common myxomycetes species with relatively big fruiting body were compared chemical elements concentrations. Fuligo septica (L.) Wigg. was proposed as perspective bioindicator for the detection of Zn on the grounds of the ability to accumulate this metal and by reason of this species have widespread distribution in terrestrial ecosystems. Prospects of using slime molds as objects for bioremediation of contaminated soils were considered.
  • Документ
    Systems of raising deep-water concretions
    (KNUCA, 2015) Sukach, Mykhailo
    The systems of raising of hard minerals are considered from the sea-bottom, taking into account characteristics of the deposit, condition of the environment, technological and technical parameters of extracting of concretions. The given classification of the pipeline, wirerope-bailer, off-line and combined systems of raising on the type of stream, mobility of the system of raising of concretions, amount of parallel streams of mountain mass and structural break of technological chain.
  • Документ
    Proposals to increase of economics effects of landuse residential end public buildings on the example of Kyiv
    (KNUCA, 2015) Malashevskyi, Mykola; Berova, Polina; Mosiychuk, Yuriy
    The article considers the current state of land-use in Kyiv. Considerable part of almost all the city's functional areas is used inefficiently. To improve the economic efficiency of their exploitation, we propose an optimizing variant of land-use of residential and public developments by allocation of excess of residential territories. This will provide an opportunity to attract those land plots at auctions to increase revenues to the State and Local Budgets of Ukraine.
  • Документ
    Evolution of Reforming of the civil construction industry management system in Ukraine
    (KNUCA, 2015) Bronevitski, Sergei
    Examined are the problems of the civil construction industry performance. The main shortcomings of the management system scrutinized. The factors had been shaping the Management System of Ukraine Civil Construction Industry revealed. Description is given of elements and mechanisms of management system, advantages and disadvantages “administrative regulation”. Examined are the management technologies of the civil construction industry in the countries of market economy. Examples are given of developing the housing programs in the USA. The summary is given on the mainstream trends in managing the civil construction industry and on areas of optimization of the management system.
  • Документ
    Easement procedure and factors which defined it in Ukraine
    (KNUCA, 2015) Lytvynenko, Iryna
    In the article various factors defining procedure of a land easement establishment when forming the new land plots are analyzed.All factors are combined into 4 groups. The analysis of influence of each group of factors on a land easement procedure in Ukraine is made.
  • Документ
    Development of bell type water well with wide gravel filter
    (KNUCA, 2015) Kayastha, Krishna
    The purpose of this article is to present a new bell type water well construction with a wide gravel filter and its application. The construction of the water well has been developed and research has been conducted using physical and electrical modelling as well as in the practical field. Researches in this work are of analytical and experimental character. As the results of the research, optimal physical parameters of the constructions have been found and analytical − empirical formulae have been derived to calculate hydraulic parameters. Recommendation for application has been presented. The results received in this work can be used for the application of well construction. Further research is required to improve the physical and the hydraulic parameters of the proposed construction. The work has scientific and practical interest.
  • Документ
    Defining the basic parameters of vibration settings for sealing horizontal surfaces
    (KNUCA, 2015) Ruchynskyy, Mykola; Zapryvoda, Andriy
    Are examined and defined pattern vibratory motion to form horizontal surfaces on the basis of the account of wave phenomena and bias voltages. Given numerical values screeds and rheological characteristics of sealing concrete. Based on the analysis of the energy balance, motion qualities limits are defined. Analytical dependences for the estimation of main parameters of the effective vibroimpact mode are suggested as well as the motion stability layout of the analyzed system is cited.
  • Документ
    Application of graph theory in the energy efficient architectural design
    (KNUCA, 2015) Bolgarova, Natalia
    Energy-efficient house is considered as a structure consisting of individual elements (volumes). To analyze their relationships with the architectural design of objects suggested to use one of the methods section of mathematics – graph theory. There are basic principles of the theory, which can be used to generate functional and spatial structure of the energy-efficientbuilding.
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    Algorithmization tests development of spatial imagination
    (KNUCA, 2015) Honta, Viktoria
    In the article it is looked at the method algorithmization of chosen tests for development of spatial imagination, proposed combined algorithm for test of spatial imagination, shown schematic use of auxiliary algorithm. Setting further set of measures.
  • Документ
    Analysis of the predictive properties of Brown`s model in the extended domain of the internal parameter
    (KNUCA, 2015) Romanenkov, Yuriy
    The paper analyses the predictive properties of Brown's adaptive model in the extended domain of internal parameters, which relates to the class of problems in parametric synthesis of forecast models, namely: evaluating the stability of model predictive properties to variation of internal parameters by searching for forecast robustness domains. The approach suggested is illustrated by an example.
  • Документ
    Intersectional junctions of the main roads in city SRN system (on the basis of Kyiv SRN system)
    (KNUCA, 2015) Solukha, Igor
    Issues of the concept of the street and road network (SRN), the role and place of transport planning junction in city SRN and the intersectional junctions of main roads at different levels in the SRN system are raised. The tasks of research: consider the concepts of SRN, road junction and main roads intersection at different levels. The technique of research: the typological technique of theoretical analysis for determining the role and the place of junction in the SRN system is implied. The results of research: It was established that intersections are built at different levels for the improvement of the traffic streams of vehicles and reducing the number of conflict points at the main roads junctions. Conclusions: intersectional junctions of the main roads in system of city street and road network is a source of transport and ecological problems of the city.