Sustainable development and harmonization of the architectural environment of cities





Shebek, Nadiia
Timokhin, Viktor
Tretiak, Yuliia
Kolmakov, Ievgenii
Olkhovets, Oleksandr

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E3S Web of Conferences 166, 09001 (2020)


The article emphasized the necessity of preserving spiritual values in the process of sustainable development of cities and urban communities. The article considered harmonization of the architectural environment as the ultimate goal and the defining condition for sustainable development of settlements. Basing on the principles of urban synergetics proposed to use internal reserves as well as the selforganization potential of the population and urban planning effectively redistributes resources and reserves. The article deals with the main provisions of the architectural environment harmonization theory with the consideration of different ideas of harmony, the importance of achieving correspondence between a person’s world-view and his surroundings, the expediency of taking into account interpersonal interactions between members of society. The strategic directions of penitentiary environment improvement at all organizational levels outlined. It proposed to form multi-level public spaces for recreation and communication of residents in the centers of historical cities where there is not enough free space. The ways to use recycled materials products for the buildings and structures construction, urban areas improvement, equipment manufacturing were been outlined.


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sustainable development, harmonization, architectural environment, cities, кафедра дизайну архітектурного середовища

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Sustainable development and harmonization of the architectural environment of cities / N. Shebek, V. Timokhin, Y. Tretiak [etc] // E3S Web of Conferences; 166 (2020), 09001. - P. 1-9. - Bibliogr. : 30 titl. ICSF 2020