On Providing an Assessment Monitoring System for Especially Essential Structures

Kolokhov, Viktor
Kushnerova, Liliya
Moroz, Lina
Pavlenko, Tetiana
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Trans Tech Publications
The article deals with the assessment problems of especially essential structures. Increased demands on prevention of emergency situations and minimizing the consequences in the event of their occurrence require constant determination of especially essential structures condition. Achieving the goal of reliability and continuity of information is possible by coating the structure surface by a layer of electroconductive concrete, working as a monitoring system sensor. The study of the electrical properties of concrete was performed using the voltmeter – ammeter scheme. After the measurements had been made, the conditional electrical resistance of the electrode pair was calculated. The analysis of the above dependencies found that the change in the electrical resistance of the material from its stress approaches the linear law at lower values of W/C over a larger section of the studied interval. Processing of the obtained data showed that the measurement results were significantly affected by the shape and size of the electrodes used during the experiments.
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concrete, construction, structure, emergency situations, condition, assessment, properties, electroconductivity
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On Providing an Assessment Monitoring System for Especially Essential Structures / Kolokhov V, Kushnerova L, Moroz L, Pavlenko T. // Materials Science Forum. – Switzerland : Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2020. - Vol. 1006 – P. 130 - 135. - Bibliogr. : 18 titl.