Development of simulation methods for labour protection status indicators





Gunchenko, Oksana
Kasyanov, Nikolay
Vishnevskiy, Dmitriy

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It is known [Bilostotska 2002] that during transition period of market economy formation with peculiar for it variability and ambiguity, due to inconsequent administrative decisions and imperfect current legislation, it’s most reasonable to use mathematical methods of the analysis formalized as software. Under such approach it is possible to process data bulks and to determine economic indicators most substantially affecting the final result. In respect of labour protection the factor analysis task boils down to the determining of complete set of quantitatively measurable factors influencing the change of a resultant index - labour protection costs. It enables to establish dependences between the index and a certain set of factors. Foreign researchers also point to that, particularly, according to [Kristensen 1991] all factors leading to the accidents (A) are divided into external and internal. It means that factor analysis is the most convenient instrument of economic process research in relation to labour protection matters with the help of which it is possible to solve tasks concerning the determination of laws existing under influence of the internal and external reasons, and factors most influencing the process of reasoned administrative decision taking. It is necessary to mention that total number of the indicators considered (approximately 100) is formed by factors listed in the data of 7-tnv state statistical reporting form “Report on occupational traumatism and its financial effects”.


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indicators, labour protection, mathematical model, traumatism, кафедра охорони праці і навколишнього середовища

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Kasyanov Nikolay. Development of simulation methods for labour protection status indicators / Nikolay Kasyanov, Oksana Gunchenko, Dmitriy Vishnevskiy // TEKA Kom. Mot. Energ. Roln. – Lublin, 2010. – Vol. 10A. – Р. 234 - 242. - Bibliogr. : 14 titl.