Analysis of financing sources of projects development for Ukrainian enterprises





Marchuk, Tetyana
Rуzhаkov, Dmуtrо
Bondarchuk, Natalya

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In today's conditions of entrepreneurial development, the issue of energy efficiency improvement is important and urgent. Due to the constant volatility of energy prices, a high dependence on energy imports requires a large-scale energy reorientation of entrepreneurship. This article explores the world markets and trends in financing energy efficient projects. The current level and dynamics of energy intensity of GDP for the period of 2012-16 have been studied. A comparative characteristic of interest rates for loans and the size of «green tariffs» in the сase of energy saving in European countries and in Ukraine is carried out. The potential of the energy efficiency market in Ukraine by the types of energy, by the groups of the industrial sector and the population is presented. A detailed analysis of possible sources of financing of energy efficiency projects in Ukraine, both by international and national investors, has been carried out. The total level of the invested resources in energy efficiency projects is given.


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project financing, energy efficiency, sources of financing, energy efficiency projects, analysis of financing sources, the department economic theory, accounting and taxation

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Marchuk Tetyana. Analysis of financing sources of projects development for Ukrainian enterprises / Tetyana Marchuk, Dmуtrо Rуzhаkov, Natalya Bondarchuk // Управління розвитком складних систем : зб. наук. праць / Київ. нац. ун-т буд-ва і архітектури ; гол. ред. Лізунов П. П. – Київ : КНУБА, 2017. – № 31. – С. 166-172. - Бібліогр. : 22 назви.