Decision making in the course of minimum viable product optimal structure choice





Grigorian, Tigran

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Value-driven management and the idea of a minimum viable product (MVP), developed in the concept of lean manufacturing, are the examples of modern efficient management approaches used in project management. The solutions that integrate both approaches to management are proposed in the paper. The problem of decision making in the course of MVP optimal structure choice is reviewed. The functional models of creation and transferring value in projects as the bases for creating new and developing existing notions – value breakdown structure, value flow, exclusive and mergeable features are proposed. The formal models describing these notions and related informational data structures are proposed. The optimization model for MVP structure choice created on the basis of mathematical model describing the value creation flow is offered. The various scenarios of decision-making allowing flexible selection of mathematical model for choosing MVP optimal structure are presented. The concepts and models proposed allow: to develop the current approaches to value creation and delivering planning, organize the process of project output design in terms of value creation and provide project managers a flexible tool for decision support in the course of MVP optimal structure choice.


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minimum viable product, project management, value, value-driven project management, project output value

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Grigorian Tigran. Decision making in the course of minimum viable product optimal structure choice / Tigran Grigorian // Управління розвитком складних систем : зб. наук. праць / Київ. нац. ун-т буд-ва і архітектури ; гол. ред. Лізунов П. П. – Київ : КНУБА, 2016. – № 26. – С. 6 - 14. - Бібліогр. : 21 назва.