Mathematical modeling kinematics of double toggle jaw crusher





Yevgeny Mishchuk
Dmitry Mishchuk
Kapusta, Оlga

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Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture


<jats:p>In this work, the problem of modeling the kinematic parameters of a jaw crusher with a simple movement of the jaw was consider. The dynamic model of the jaw crusher was consider as a flat articulated-lever closed mechanism. The crushing mechanism of the jaw crusher with a simple movement of the cheek modeled as a mechanism with five moving links and six rotary joints of the fifth mobility class, with the eccentric shaft modeled as a crank and the rotary jaw modeled as a rocker arm. The kinematic chain of the crank and the movable cheek was consider separately. Using vector equations, the interdependencies between the moving elements of the adopted kinematic scheme of the jaw crusher model were determined. Since this scheme has one degree of mobility, the functions of the position of all moving links of the given kinematic scheme were find, depending on the angle of rotation of the drive crank. Rotation angles was define in the Cartesian coordinate system relative to the horizontal plane.&#x0D; In this work, using the obtained kinematic equations, the proposed simulation model of the jaw crusher was investigate and compared with a real SMD-117 machine using its typical dimensions.&#x0D; The functions of the changes in the angles of rotation of the links of the kinematic scheme of the jaw crusher and their angular velocities obtained in the course of the research are important in the future for studies of the dynamics of such machine structures. Comparative data showed how the mechanism of changing kinematic parameters was implement in the design of the real SMD-117 machine.</jats:p>


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щокова дробарка, математичне моделювання, кінематика, шарнірно-важільний механізм, СМД-117, кафедра машин і обладнання технологічних процесів

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