Design of slag cement, activated by Na (K) salts of strong acids, for concrete reinforced with steel fittings





Kryvenko Pavlo
Rudenko Igor
Konstantynovskyi Oleksandr

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Private Company Technology Center


This paper proposes a technique to prevent the corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete based on slag cement (SC) activated by Na(K) salts of strong acids (SSA) in the composition of by-pass cement kiln dust (BP). The technique implies using additional modifiers in the form of the Portland cement CEM I 42,5 R and the calcium-aluminate admixture (CAA) С3А∙6H2O. It is shown that adding the Portland cement contributes to enhancing the intensifying influence of BP on the SC hydration, accompanied by an increase in the strength of artificial stone. This effect is predetermined by the formation of hydrosilicates in hydration products with an increased crystallization degree in the form of CSH(I) and C2SH(A). Modifying SC with CAA ensures the intensive formation of low-soluble AFm phases in the composition of hydration products, aimed at reliable binding the SSA anions (Cl-, SO42-) that are aggressive to steel reinforcement. The study result has established the possibility to produce SC, activated by SSA, when using BP, the Portland cement, and CAA. Mathematical methods to plan the experiment were applied to produce an SC composition of "granulated blast furnace slag – BP – Portland cement – CAA", characterized by a strength class of 42.5 and a molar ratio of Cl-/OH- in a porous solution not exceeding 0.6. The resulting properties predetermine the feasibility of using SC in steel-reinforced concrete. The relevance of this work is due to the modern trends in the development of the construction industry. The introduction of cement that contains mineral additives, in particular granulated blast furnace slag, contributes to improving the environment by reducing СО2 emission. The use of such cement as a base of steel-reinforced concrete ensures the increase in their functionality and durability.


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slag cement, steel reinforcement, cement kiln dust, AFm phase, пил цементної печі, шлакоцемент, сталева арматура, кафедра технології будівельних конструкцій і виробів

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Kryvenko P. Design of slag cement, activated by Na (K) salts of strong acids, for concrete reinforced with steel fittings / P. Kryvenko, I. Rudenko, O. Konstantynovskyi // Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. – 2020. - Vol. 6/6, ( 108 ). - P. 26 - 40. - Bibliogr. : 66 titl.