Simplified analysis of turbulence intensity in curvilinear wall jets





Dovhaliuk, Volodymyr
Gumen, Olena
Mileikovskyi, Viktor
Dziubenko, Volodymyr

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University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


A simplified approach for estimation of turbulence intensity of turbulent submerged wall jets on cylindrical surfaces with different curvature is shown. It is a continuation of researches, performed by professor of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture Andrei Tkachuk. By using the geometric and kinematic analysis of turbulent macrostructure, it is proposed to found not only averaged flow characteristics but also turbulent pulsations. Analysis of visual researches of submerged jets in different works allows assuming such kind of flow as touching large round vortices (puffs), which roll by free flow boundary. In this work, geometric and kinematic analysis of this macrostructure chart in concave submerged wall jets is performed, and turbulence intensity is found. Results of the same analysis for submerged convex wall jets allow obtaining common dependencies for different curvature. The results are accepted by comparison with known experimental data.


DOI: 10.5937/fmet1802177D

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wall jet, turbulence intensity, jet boundary layer, large eddies, puffs, кафедра теплогазопостачання та вентиляції

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Simplified analysis of turbulence intensity in curvilinear wall jets / Dovhaliuk V., Gumen O., Mileikovskyi V., Dziubenko V. // FME Transactions. - Belgrade, 2018. - Vol. 46(2). - P. 177 -182/ - Bibliogr. : 18 titl.