Formation of Consumption Properties of Sweet Pepper (Capsicum Annuum L.) Sauce





Dubinina, A.
Letuta, T.
Selyutina, G.
Shcherbakova, T.
Afanasieva, V.
Yudicheva, O.
Kalashnyk, O.
Samoylenko, A.

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Scientific Route OU


The sauce quality was formed by mathematical modeling using general criteria of optimization of organoleptic parameters. There were also determined specific criteria of optimization of the recipe composition taking into account their daily need. As a result of the conducted studies the composition of recipe components for the sauce was optimized: sweet pepper 80 %, garlic leaves – 5 %, parsley leaves,dill – 5 %, celery leaves – 5 %, salt – 1,5 %, sugar – 0,5 %, chitosan – 0,5 %. There were studied organoleptic parameters of the developed sauce, characterized by a pleasant bright-green color, homogenous paste-like consistence, pleasant taste and smell. The used stabilizing factors allowed to get the sauce with the increased content of essential factors of nutrition. They participate in the increase of protective forces of the organism, so allow to recommend them in prophylactic, child and dietary nutrition.


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кафедра товарознавства та комерційної діяльності в будівництві, sweet pepper, chitosan, Xanthium strumarium, sauce, consumption properties

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Formation of Consumption Properties of Sweet Pepper (Capsicum Annuum L.) Sauce / A. Dubinina, T. Letuta, G. Selyutina [ atc ] // EUREKA: Life Sciences. – 2018.− № 6. − Р. 54-60. - Bibliogr. : 14 titl.