Methodology for assessment and management of industrial risks





Hunchenko, Oksana
Bereznytska, Yuliia
Chernyshev, Denys

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University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty in Bor, Department of Engineering Management, Bor


Industrial facilities are a permanent source of danger both for employees and for outsiders indirectly involved, or may be within the direct or secondary influence. The existing hazards of productive processes have an impact on health, working capacity, psycho -emoti onal state and life of participants and on the economic indicators of the enterprise and the industry as a whole. The presence of economic and social damage leads to the search for solutions that contribute to reducing such impact. Construction of the most safe labor conditions and favorable rest conditions after the working hours end is a strategic goal of every employer who acts in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and focuses on making a profit. Achieving this goal is possible through the use of the best safe practice that is appropriate in the relevant field of economic activity.


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occupational risks, risk management, safety of production processes, zero injuries strategy, labor safety, hygiene of production processes

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Hunchenko O. Methodology for assessment and management of industrial risks / O. Hunchenko, Y. Bereznytska, D. Chernyshev // IMCSM Proceedings / An international serial publication for theory and practice of Management Science ; Ed. Zivan Zivkov. - Bor, 2019. - Vol. 15, Is. (1). - Р. 311-319. - Bibliogr. : 3 titl.