Managing intangible inflows in logistics





Kryvoruchko, Olena
Tsiutsiura, Mykola
Desyatko, Alyona

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In the article the authors analyze the role of project management in logistics. Logistic flows are considered from the point of view of project management and special attention is paid to information logistics. It is shown what function information logistics provides in relation to material and financial logistics, how it conveys information that accompanies the movement of material and financial resources, and thus operates with counter-directed flows and unidirectional flows. It is shown that the management of the intangible (information) stream can be carried out by changing the direction of the stream, limiting the transmission rate to the corresponding speed. In addition, project management in logistics represents the application of concepts and methods of project management in the process of creating / transforming logistics systems. Particular attention is paid to intangible flows: financial, informational and services. In particular the object of information logistics – the information flow, which, in turn, is an intangible one is identified. The place of project management in managing information flows of logistics is pointed out and its significance is highlighted. The authors assume that there are various types of projects in logistics – in particular functional ones, as well as projects which effectiveness is determined by qualitative indicators. There is also respect for such aspects in the management of IT projects of logical processes as well as the analysis of international standards, the recognition of organizational competencies, the ability to model the development of logistic projects. Yak straightforward furthest development of the logistic is proprietary, hinge combining the project management model with the logical processes, yak can include the decile of the technological process company in the project management gallery. In the model, the main values are also identified, which are inherent in the skin area of technological maturity.


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project management, functional project, logistics, intangible flows, financial logistics, information logistics, service logistics, project logistics management, the department cybersecurity and computer engineering, the department information technologies, управління проєктами, функціональний проєкт, логістика, нематеріальні потоки

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Kryvoruchko O. Managing intangible inflows in logistics / O. Kryvoruchko, M. Tsiutsiura, A. Desyatko // Управління розвитком складних систем : зб. наук. праць / Київ. нац. ун-т буд-ва і архітектури ; гол. ред. П. П. Лізунов. – Київ : КНУБА, 2020. – № 41. – С. 50 - 54. - Бібліогр. : 10 назв.