Materiality of the gravitational field and the process of development of macroscale gravitational collapse

Клапченко, Василь Іванович
Краснянський, Григорій Юхимович
Кузнецова, Ірина Олександрівна
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The materiality of the gravitational field is taken into account on the basis of the law of universal gravitation, accepted as an exact law describing the pairwise interactions of massive bodies. Unlike Brillouin and Lucas, who were the first to carry out such an account and obtain a negative value of the field mass, the field mass in our work has the same sign as the mass itself. Replacing the "mass-gravitational field" representation with "mass-field mass" distinguishes gravity from other interactions, leads to an increase in mass in such interactions, indicates the existence of a double effect of gravity and allows its physical modeling. In particular, it has been shown that, despite the small value of the relative mass gain in pair interactions, during the formation of clusters of stars with a large number of bodies, the relative mass gain increases nonlinearly. Under certain conditions, this increase becomes infinite, symbolizing the onset of a macroscale gravitational collapse, resulting in the formation of supermassive black holes. Attention is focused on the fact that the final mass of a supermassive black hole (invisible mass) can be tens and hundreds of times greater than the initial mass of the cluster (visible mass). Moreover, half of the black hole's mass is outside the gravitational radius of the black hole, forming a massive invisible halo. According to the authors, a macroscale collapse based on taking into account the materiality of the gravitational field can be considered as one of the effective mechanisms for the formation of invisible (dark) matter in the Universe.
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gravitational field, nonlinear mass increase, gravitational collapse, cluster of stars, invisible matter, гравітаційне поле, нелінійний приріст маси, гравітаційний колапс, скупчення зірок, темна матерія, кафедра фізики
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Klapchenko V. Materiality of the gravitational field and the process of development of macroscale gravitational collapse // V. Klapchenko, G. Krasnianskyi, I. / Управління розвитком складних систем : зб. наук. праць / Київ. нац. ун-т буд-ва і архіт. ; відп. ред. П. П. Лізунов. - Київ : КНУБА, 2021. - Вип. 48. - С.145 - 151. - Bibliogr. : 12 titl.