Dynamics of Architectural and Urban Planning Hospital Systems Evolution





Bulakh, Irina
Chala, Olena
Divak, Viktor

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Horizon Research Publishing


The article is written as part of a study of the urban planning foundations of the health system spatial development, one of the components of which are hospitals. The article is aimed to study dynamics of architectural and urban planning hospital systems evolution. The study is performed using systemic and integrated analysis. This article focuses on challenging the issue of historical evolution analysis and further transformation ways of hospital systems in the aspect of architectural and urban planning design. The basic assumptions have been determined and the historical periods of the formation of hospital organizations have been identified. Dynamic regularities are established, the specificity is described and trends of the typological transformation of hospital systems in various regional contexts of the world`s major countries are indicated. The study was carried out taking into account the conformity to the laws of history and features of the architectural and urban planning evolution of hospital systems, as well as the evolution peculiarities of hospitals as a complex urban planning subsystem within the multilevel system of the urban environment, were discussed. Hospitals gradually changed, transformed under the influence of various external and internal factors, public demands, needs and expectations from healthcare. Reforming the hospital system is an extremely actual, complex and difficult process for any country. Hospital design trends: the enlargement of medical buildings, the formation of complexes; emphasis on the intensity of treatment, the use of day hospitals; individualization of design decisions, rejection of stereotypical hospital forms; the formation of an aesthetic space with healing potential; ecological approach and harmony with the environment.


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dynamics of development, architectural and urban planning analysis, hospital, healthcare, regularity of development, medical institutions, кафедра дизайну архітектурного середовища

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Bulakh Irina. Dynamics of Architectural and Urban Planning Hospital Systems Evolution / Irina Bulakh, Olena Chala, Viktor Divak // Civil Engineering and Architecture : Journals Information. - 2020. - Vol. 8(4). - P. 586 - 598. - Bibliogr. : 43 titl. DOI: 10.13189/cea.2020.080423.