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    Calculations and prognosis of the influence of the exploitation of the "Hotyslavske" quarry on the hydrodinamics of the ground and underground waters of the Western Polissya
    (КНУБА : ІТГІП, 2018) Diatel, Olexandr O.
    The problems of the influence of the exploitation of the deposit of the sand and chalk "Khotislavske" on the hydrodynamics of ground and underground waters of Western Polissya are considered. At this the analytical methods of calculation of geophiltration processes and methods of mathematical modeling were used. The analysis of the validity of forecast calculations and modeling of the influence of a quarry on the territory of Ukraine carried out by the Belarusian side and the comparison of data are carried out.
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    Creation of energy efficient «green structures» in conditions of moderate continental climate
    (КНУБА : ІТГІП, 2018) Tkachenko, Tetyana M.
    The main aspects of creation of energy-efficient «green structures» in urbocenoses of moderate-continental climate are considered. It was established that problems of exploitation of "green roofs" arise in case of violation of the technology of laying roofing layers and in case of incorrect selection of plant assortment. Technical problems in creating "green roofs" arise when the wrong choice of waterproofing. There should also be a single drainage system, which accommodates all other elements. Failure to observe these conditions may lead to rooting and the development of microorganisms. The assortment of plants on an intensive roof is usually limited to low-growing plants: herbs, shrubs and shrubs. Phenological observations carried out on the intensive roof of the Royal Tower residential complex in Kyiv have shown that with the correct selection of plant assortments and their cultivation technology, plant height can be considerably larger: from 4 to 6 m, which significantly expands the ecological and biological capabilities of intensive green roofs moderately-continental climate. The assortment of species of plants with high adaptive potential of various life forms with a wide variation of height is proposed: from low-growing herbs to trees of 6 m in height: Quercus paludosus multicaulus, Quercus rubra multicaulus, Pinus sylvestris, Acer rubrum, Acer rubrum 'Scanlon', Chenomeles Maulei, Arónia melanocárpa, Berberis thunbergii, Betula pumila, Crataegus laevigata, Vitis amurensis, Parthenocíssus tricuspidáta, Cornus alba, Picea abies, Picea сanadensis, Picea pungens, Lonicera alpigena, Lonicera caerulea, Salix caprea, Viburnum opulus, Cotoneaster lucidus, Acer tataricum, Acer ginnala, Elaeagnus argentea, Juniperus horizontalis, Juniperus sabina, Sorbus aucuparia, Ribes aureum, Symphoricarpos albus, Pinus mugo, Spiraea arguta, Spiraea japonica, Thuja occidentalis, Philadelphus coronaries, Mālus sibirica, Malus niedzwetzkyana.
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    Ontological approach to the description of the reservoir's passport
    (КНУБА : ІТГІП, 2018) Tikhonov, Yurii L.
    In this paper, an ontologized description of the ecological passport of reservoirs is proposed that allows grouping and combining all necessary data in one document for solving various ecological problems, in particular for planning environmental measures.
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    Vibrodinamic monitoring of pile foundation engineering on landslide hazardous site in dense urban development conditions
    (ІТГІП, 2018) Kaliukh, Iurii I.; Lebid, Oleksij G.; Dunin, Volodimyr A.; Margvelashvili, Nugzar; Berchun, Yaroslav O.; Samoilenko, Sergiy M.
    An example of the application of modern regulatory requirements for the scientific and technical support of construction and monitoring of building structures for the safe arrangement of the pile foundation on a landslide hazardous building site in conditions of dense urban development in Kyiv during the installation of a Ø820 mm bored pile according to the plan of the pile field has been considered. Experimentally registered levels of vibration acceleration on the foundation wall of the building in the vertical and horizontal directions do not exceed 0.015 m/s², which is significantly lower than the minimum permissible values of vibration acceleration for the foundations of buildings with brick bearing walls 0,15 m/s². The research also evaluated the presence of visible damage to the building in the available places and their possible development before and after piles placement. The condition of the plaster screed on a vertical crack in the wall of the house on the 8th floor, which was installed before the start of construction work, after pile foundation installation has not changed – it remained undamaged.
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    Ecological safety of territories at introduction of modern technologies of processing of vegetable wastes
    (ІТГІП, 2018) Trysnyuk, Vasil M.
    Work is devoted to the decision of research and practice task from the ground of changes of the state of ecological safety of territories at introduction of modern technologies of processing of vegetable wastes. The worked out practical recommendations are in relation to reduction of negative influence on the environment of vegetable wastes that is passed for introduction in further activity in relation to providing of ecological safety of territories.
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    Ecologically clean evaporation-condensation method application for obtaining of electrical contacts based on copper composite materials
    (ІТГІП, 2018) Grechanuyk, Vira G.; Matsenko, Olexandra V.
    In this paper is considered the electron-beam technology on new materials creation, including copper and its alloys, as one of the most promising directions of modern electrometallurgy. The formation process of condensed composite materials (CCM) using this technology is absolutely environmentally clean, because it occurs in a vacuum, in addition, similar materials are obtained in a single technological cycle, what is economically profitable. It is shown that this method was used for the first time to obtain structural composite materials Cu-Mo, Cu-W, Cu-Cr (massive sheet condensates weighting up to 30 kg separated from the substrate), which were used for electrical contacts and electrodes. The most industrial applications found the condensed from the vapor phase CM of Cu-Zr-Y-Mo and Cu-Cr-Zr-Y-Mo systems for discontinuous electrical contacts. The mechanical properties of materials of Cu-Zr-Y-Mo system have been studied and it is shown that these materials are characterized by a sufficiently high electrical conductivity, hardness, strength and satisfactory plasticity, and mostly allows to refuse from silver-containing contacts, since they are not inferior, and in some cases exceed them for their operational reliability.
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    GIS-based assessment of anthropogenic influence in Western Polissya region limnological ecosystems
    (ІТГІП, 2018) Zagorodnya, Snizhana A.; Novokhatska, Natalia A.; Okhariev, Viacheslav O.; Popova, Maryna A.; Radchuk, Igor V.; Trysnyuk, Taras V.; Shumeiko, Viktor O.; Atrasevych, Oleksandr V.
    Results of expeditionary researches of limnological systems in Western Polissya region of hydroacoustic methods complex using and information-analytical technologies are presented. Remote sensing monitoring method for lakes eutrophication processes research is considered. The concept of lake passport information model is proposed.
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    Expansion of the range of wet air і-d diagram for environmental safe heat production
    (КНУБА : ІТГІП, 2018) Dziubenko, Volodymyr H.; Mileikovskyi, Viktor O.; Sachenko, Illa A.
    For environment protection, condensing boilers may be used instead of emission of high temperature combustion products. For condensing combustion, high moisture content in exhaust gases is typical. I-d diagram can be used for condensing economizer development, but it is primary built for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. In the work, new approach to build I-d diagram is proposed that allow widening of the range of parameters without precision loose. It allows obtaining higher precision for calculation of condensing economizers.
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    Analysis of the stability of water bodies to the action of destabilizing factors
    (КНУБА : ІТГІП, 2018) Azarov, Sergii I.; Zadunaj, Oleksii S.
    Methodical approaches to the assessment of ecological safety of ecosystems based on the establishment of a comprehensive indicator of the degradation of environmental components have been developed, which will allow us to assess non-additive properties of different-scale aquatic ecosystems. The analysis of methods for assessing the stability of water bodies to change the parameters of natural and anthropogenic regimes is carried out. Investigation of the nature of resistance of water bodies has revealed not only their desire for balance, but also a complex fight against regular and irregular (fluctuations) forces.
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    The methodic of modeling and calculations of the oxygen regime at the purification of the waste waters in aerotanks with suspended and fixed biocenosis
    (КНУБА : ІТГІП, 2018) Airapetian, Tamara S.; Telyma, Sergii V.; Oliynyk, Oleksandr Ya.
    The methodic of mathematical modeling and calculations of oxygen regime at biological treatment of waste waters from organic contaminants in aerotanks with suspended and fixed biocenosis is given. The peculiarities of the simulation of oxygen supply during purification in aerotanks-mixers and aerotanks-displacers are considered at this.