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    Management of competitiveness of foreign university in chinese field of education
    (КНУБА, 2019) Li Ming
    Optimization of educational establishment exchange dealings with rival establishments is the key task of efficient management. This makes it necessary to use the predicting and simulation dynamics of competitiveness pointers in demand to examine alternative approaches for the growth of educational establishments and the selection of optimum situations of its market demeanor. The conception of competitiveness is nevertheless not obviously defined by experts, and differs on the subject zone: enterprise, educational establishments, industry, region, companies, etc. Educational establishments management competitiveness needs the adoption of prudent and scientifically built managerial resolutions. It is essential to take into account a lot of issues that have a important impact on the management progression, the excellence of decisions and outcomes. Multipurpose criteria were used in the simulation model study and the scenarios development for calibration experiments. This makes it possible to solve the inverse problem taking into account several limitations. The obtained results show that the higher educational institution market share can not only not decrease, but it can also double by an increase in the cost of education if the adopted management decisions will be aimed at improving the quality of the provided educational services.
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    Simulation modelling of competitiveness of Ukrainian higher educational institution in Zhejiang educational market
    (КНУБА, 2019) Chen Jie
    Management decision-making methodology on the basis of simulation modeling is proposed in the work. A competitiveness indicators model for higher education institutions is developed. Experiments scenarios with the model for estimating and predicting competitive advantages are proposed. A number of simple simulation experiments with different values of the input parameters were performed to solve the direct simulation problem. Inverse problem solution variants by means of calibration experiments of the model are presented. The results of experimental calculations of the competitive factors impact on the university’s position in the educational services market are obtained. The possibility of making management decisions on the basis of experimental data is also shown.