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    Technologies of organization of the communication process in educational projects and programs
    (КНУБА, 2019) Zhu Ting
    One of the ways to improve the management of the educational system can be the development of the method of information management as a component that initiates the management of any kind in the development of information provision, the choice of sources of management information, formalization and processing of data about the processes of the OS, the formation of educational statistics system by types of implemented educational programs and management levels, creation of informational systems for the support of making managerial decisions that provide information indicators of an educational institution tioning. The problem of management in educational systems is key in terms of achieving a given quality. Management in education, if interpreted broadly, integrates the past (cultural-traditional component), the present (civilization-technological component) and the future (predicted-desirable state of the system). The transition of society into the information stage of development positions the information management as the most relevant instrument in achieving the sustainable development of educational structures.
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    Development of the system model for HR-management in joint educational projects
    (КНУБА, 2019) Zhou Huan
    HRM in education is a set of methods and practices of maintaining and integrating the teaching staff in the educational establishments so they can achieve their purpose and as well as meet the requirements of their establishment. The need for educational establishments to implement HRManagement is unquestionable. HRM has the potential of improving scholars outcomes through the amplified involvement, professional improvement and new motivation methods of teachers. One of the ways to improve quality of teaching, is the use of Online Platforms for HR-Management of Joint Educational Programs. Distance education is the ideal solution for professionals who want to continue their careers. This makes it possible to obtain an additional qualification and save the current job. Distance learning programs can be the key to the career and promotion through a flexible schedule and resources that are available on the Internet. Analyzing the cooperation in Educational Projects between China and Ukraine it is becoming obvious that common AMO theory of performance for HRM is not fully applicable to those projects. It has its own features which are to be implemented for better performance. Improvement of Human resource management for joint Chinese-Ukrainian educational projects by modifications to AMO theory is proposed in this article.