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    Design and research on bending mould of high-strength plates
    (КНУБА, 2018) Zhou Huan; Hui Weidong
    CNC bending machine is a kind of molding pressure equipment, which is widely used in the process of sheet metal bending, it can press the sheet metal into different angles and different geometric shapes. Equipped with the corresponding industrial equipment, it can also achieve stretching, punching, such as corrugation processing technology. With the development of production technology, people become more and more pursue the quality. High-strength plate tensile strength and hardness is very high, When using a common mould for bending, would first destroy the mould and can't be bending. In this paper, the initial design of high-strength plate bending mold is carried out, the 3D model of each part of the mould is established, and the simulation analysis of the stress is carried out. The bending principle of the mould and the calculation formula of the bending force are introduced, has the very important economic significance for the reasonable selection of bending mould.
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    Intelligent brake design based on RBR and CBR hybrid reasoning
    (КНУБА, 2018) Hui Weidong; Zhou Huan; Gu Qi
    For intelligent design of a brake, different knowledge should be obtained effectively from the huge design knowledge sources.To improve efficiency of case-based reasoning in design of brake products and accurately reason the required optimal design proposal, by combining design characteristics of the brake, this paper proposes one CBR-RBR hybrid reasoning method by studying and analyzing brake design flow and field knowledge,by combining the phase hierarchical structure of product design, different reasoning mechanisms are used in the design of the brake proposal and specific parameterized design. The CBR is used to reason the design of brake proposal, structural type of specific type and selection of general deployment mode. RBR is used to reason the case adaptions of main structures, size parameters, structural models and materials used. The general structure design of the brake is used to explain the whole process.