Intelligent brake design based on RBR and CBR hybrid reasoning





Hui Weidong
Zhou Huan
Gu Qi

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For intelligent design of a brake, different knowledge should be obtained effectively from the huge design knowledge sources.To improve efficiency of case-based reasoning in design of brake products and accurately reason the required optimal design proposal, by combining design characteristics of the brake, this paper proposes one CBR-RBR hybrid reasoning method by studying and analyzing brake design flow and field knowledge,by combining the phase hierarchical structure of product design, different reasoning mechanisms are used in the design of the brake proposal and specific parameterized design. The CBR is used to reason the design of brake proposal, structural type of specific type and selection of general deployment mode. RBR is used to reason the case adaptions of main structures, size parameters, structural models and materials used. The general structure design of the brake is used to explain the whole process.


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brake, hybrid reasoning, intelligentized design

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Hui Weidong. Intelligent brake design based on RBR and CBR hybrid reasoning / Hui Weidong, Zhou Huan, Gu Q // Управління розвитком складних систем : зб. наук. праць / Київ. нац. ун-т буд-ва і архітектури ; гол. ред. Лізунов П. П. – Київ : КНУБА, 2018. – № 36. – С. 165-169. - Бібліогр. : 10 назв.