Research of the efficiency of the fire fighting roof composition for cane





Tsapko, Y.
Bondarenko, O.
Tsapko, А.

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Results of experimental researches about affectivity of firebiopotection products made from cane. Due to the unique properties of the cane, such as small volume weight, low thermal conductivity, rather high atmospheric resistance, high chemical resistance, the possibility of manufacturing parts at the site, efficiency, etc., cane products, despite the high pace of new technologies, are widely used in construction. Using cane in construction has a significant number of advantages, but needs protection from fire, from it produce a variety of products, equip the buildings. The unresolved issue of fire protection of products from such materials reduces the possibility of their use in construction. The experimental research on the determination of the firesafety properties of the cane set the ignition of the raw sample, while for fire-proof - the process of ignition and propagation of the flame did not occur. Especially inhibition of the process of ignition and propagation of cane fire treated with a covering impregnation solution, which consist of fire retardants under the influence of temperature with the absorption of heat and the release of noncombustible gases (nitrogen, carbon dioxide), change in the direction of the expansion in the direction of formation of non-combustible gases and heavy-duty coke residue, reducing the combustion of the material and, accordingly, the index of flammability. This indicates the possibility of directed control of the processes of transfer of high temperature to organic material by using special covering compositions for cane products. Introduction


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fire protection of a cane, scattering cover, thermal conductivity, surface treatment, thermo physical properties, кафедра будівельних матеріалів

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Tsapko Y. Research of the efficiency of the fire fighting roof composition for cane / Y. Tsapko, O. Bondarenko, А. Tsapko // Materials Science Forum. – Switzerland : Trans Tech Publications Ltd, 2019. – Vol. 968. - P. 61 - 67. - Bibliogr. : 9 titl. DOI: 10.4028/