The estimation and reduction of risks caused by air pollution in cities





Voloshkina, Olena
Tkachenko, Tetiana
Sipakov, Rostislav
Tkachenko, Olexii

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Wydział Budownictwa Politechniki Częstohowskiej


The increase in summer temperatures is intensifying and causing the rise of air pollution by photochemical transformation. The main source of pollution in cities are vehicles. Calcula- tions of a convective jet from the warm surface of intersections and overpasses have been performed and the secondary formaldehyde contamination by photochemical transformations was estimated. It was shown that the non-carcinogenic risk is significantly increased with the concentration. At temperatures above 30°C. the non-carcinogenic risk is more than 10 (significant) and requires in-depth smdies of the harmful influences. Carcinogenic risk ranges from the median to acceptable and requires dynamic control and in-depth studies. Reducing the risk is possible by "green" design: "green" roofs, vertical greening, facade blocks, etc. Using phytoncide plants destroys the pathogenic microflora and improves the microclimate of the premises. Proposed is an assortment of plants suitable for medical and educational buildings within a continental climate area.


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atmosphere pollution, formaldehyde, photochemical transformation, “green” structures, phytoncide plant, кафедра охорони праці та навколишнього середовища

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The estimation and reduction of risks caused by air pollution in cities / O. Voloshkina, T/ Tkachenko, R. Sipakov, T/ Tkachenko // Budownictwo o zoptymalizowanym potencjale energetyc znym : col. jf scient/ work. - Częstochow, 2019. - Iss. 2. - P. 17 - 25. -Bibliogr. : 20 titl.