Trichia varia

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Diagnostic features. The prominently lop-sided elaters and characteristic milky white plasmodium which later changes through very pale yellow to ochraceous are the features which enable this most common species to be identified. Characters that separate it from Hemitrichia abietina (Wigand) G. Lister, Trichia scabra Rostaf., greyish forms of T. contorta G.H. Otth and members of the T. favoginea (Batsch) Pers. complex are its capillitium tubes with 2 or 3 spiral bands which are asymmetrical (more prominent on one side), and spores faintly but densely warted.
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кафедра охорони праці та навколишнього середовища, myxomycetes, міксоміцети, Trichia varia
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Krivomaz T. I. Trichia varia / T. I. Krivomaz, A. Michaud, D. W. Minter // IMI Description Sheets of Fungi and Bacteria. – Wallingford : CABI, 2012. – № 192 (1920). – P. 49-54. - Bibliogr. : 26 titl.