Assessment of spent batteries streams in Ukraine





Ishchenko Vitalii

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The goal of this study is the analysis of quantitative parameters and dynamics of spent batteries generation in Ukraine and mass balance assessment of their streams. The assessment used statistical data from international trade organizations and the State Statistics Service of Ukraine on the number of produced, imported, exported batteries, and spent batteries generated. Analysis of statistics on spent batteries generation in the world shows a significant difference in quantity, which is due to different ways of spent batteries management and approaches to counting. The estimated mass of batteries sold in Ukraine is about 20 thousand tons per year. The weight of household batteries (excluding car batteries) is estimated as 4.5-7 thousand tons per year (110-170 grams per year per person) and corresponds to the data of some EU countries. Among household batteries, alkaline and lithiumion batteries are the most common. Study of batteries quantity in the waste has shown a significant data divergence between the expected mass of batteries in the waste and official statistics. This is probably due to the low efficiency of the waste accounting system. In recent years, there is a trend of reducing the mass of batteries placed on the market and reducing their share in the waste (but such trends are not a case for household batteries). According to unofficial data, the weight of the collected spent household batteries is 2-3 tons per year or 0,05-0,08 grams per year per 1 person. The level of spent batteries collection (including car batteries) is estimated at 19%, and household batteries – only 0.1% that is much lower than in the EU countries. About 75–80% of spent batteries (99% of spent household batteries) are not accounted in waste streams. Besides, batteries in the waste of electrical and electronic equipment remain unaccounted. The scientific novelty of the study is the development of mass balance of spent batteries in Ukraine, which will ensure more efficient management of their flows. The practical value of the paper includes assessment of spent batteries volume in Ukraine for further analysis of the possibilities of their recycling.


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batteries, waste, spent batteries, waste management, mass balance, батареї, відходи, відпрацьовані батареї, поводження з відходами, матеріальний баланс

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