Proposals to increase of economics effects of landuse residential end public buildings on the example of Kyiv





Malashevskyi, Mykola
Berova, Polina
Mosiychuk, Yuriy

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The article considers the current state of land-use in Kyiv. Considerable part of almost all the city's functional areas is used inefficiently. To improve the economic efficiency of their exploitation, we propose an optimizing variant of land-use of residential and public developments by allocation of excess of residential territories. This will provide an opportunity to attract those land plots at auctions to increase revenues to the State and Local Budgets of Ukraine.


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land tax, land lease, houses adjoining, excess territories, investments, кафедра землеустрою і кадастру, земельный налог, арендная плата, придомовая территория, сверхнормативная площадь, инвестици, кафедра землеустрою і кадастру

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Malashevskyi M. Proposals to increase of economics effects of land-use residential and public buildings on the example of Kyiv / M. Malashevskyi, P. Berova, Y. Mosiychuk // Motrol : Commision of motorization and energetics in agriculture : an intern. journal of operation of farm and agri-food industry machinery / Polish Acad. of sciences, Univ. of eng. and econ. in Rzesżow; ed.-in-chief E. Krasowski. - Lublin ; Rzeszów, 2015. - Vol. 17. - № 8. - P. 95 - 102. - Bibliogr. : 23 titl.