Modification of the structure of the stabilized basalt fiber





Gots, V. I.
Palchyk, P. P.
Tymoshenko, S. A.
Palchyk, S. P.

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The study of thermophysical, physical-mechanical and acoustic characteristics of coarse continuous basalt fiber in the conditions of influence of operational factors and corrosion environment is carried out. It is shown that obtaining barrier materials with high thermophysical and acoustic properties is possible by creating a porous system in the material with a predetermined textural characteristic of pores of different class, purpose and combination. The influence of the porous system of coarse continuous basalt fiber on the operational properties of flexible heat and sound insulation products and materials has been studied. It is determined that the performance characteristics of flexible thermal insulation materials are in direct proportion to the degree of porosity of the constituent materials and their structural characteristics. Shown that the increase in the operating temperature of these materials, sound and thermal resistance is determined by the chemical and mineralogical composition of the source materials and their structural characteristics. The influence of the mechanism of selective leaching of coarse continuous basalt fibers on their textural characteristics and the zone of operating temperatures is studied.



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кафедра технології будівельних конструкцій і виробів, basalt fiber, flexible heat insulation, sound insulation, textural characteristics, zone of operating temperatures

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Modification of the structure of the stabilized basalt fiber / V. I. Gots, P. P. Palchyk, S. A. Tymoshenko, S. P. Palchyk // IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering. - 2020. - Vol. 907. - P. 1 - 6. – Bibliogr. : 5 titl.