Research of the process of spread of fire on beams of wood of fire-protected intumescent coatings





Tsapko, Yu.
Tsapko, А.
Bondarenko, O.
Sukhanevych, M.
Kobryn, M.

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The article presents the results of the protection of wooden building structures with intumescent coatings for the resistance to high-temperature flame resistance. The essence of the method of determining the effectiveness of the coating was the impact of standardized flames on fireproof wood and the definition of values. Based on the data obtained, criteria were established that correspond to the degree of damage to the specimens and the increase in the combustion temperature, resulting in a decrease in weight loss. To determine the effectiveness of fire protection in the developed coatings studies on the combustibility of wood in terms of weight loss and flue gas temperature were conducted, and it was found that with coating the degree of damage to the samples in length does not exceed 26%, the degree of damage by mass does not exceed 2% and the flue gas temperature does not exceed 115°C. However, a protective layer that is of considerable thickness to the building structure should be applied to ensure its protection, since, at a higher intensity of thermal action, the fire resistance of the wood may decrease due to the formation of a low coke layer. Full-scale tests using model specimens of wooden beams under the action of a high-temperature flame furnace have shown that the intumescent coating can withstand high temperatures, effectively preventing the penetration of heat into the material due to the formation of a swollen coke layer, which affects the speed and depth of the temperature.


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fire, beams of wood, fire-protected intumescent coatings, inorganic binders, кафедра будівельних матеріалів

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Research of the process of spread of fire on beams of wood of fire-protected intumescent coatings / Yu. Tsapko, А. Tsapko, O. Bondarenko [atc ] // IOP Conference Series : Materials Science and Engineering. – TRANSBUD-2019. – Vol. 708. – P. 1 - 7. – Bibliogr. : 16 titl. doi:10.1088/1757-899X/708/1/012112.