Environmental safety of a territory due to the dangerous processes of flooding

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They determined the way the dangerous factors caused by the processes of flooding influence on environment and living conditions, they are the following: they estimated water resources quality, violation of water balance conditions on the flooded territories (the loss of drainage capacity of rivers and underground drainage formation), the process of activation of dangerous exogenous processes, they also theoretically grounded the necessity of correction of calculation method of filtration flow with the use of filtration resistance. On the basis of these researches they gave recommendations according the usage of widespread methods of filtration resistance for difficult geological conditions of water-bearing layer and stationary filtration flow near the facilities of engineering protection from flood. Mathematical model of forecasting of ground water level changes in aquifer with the level fluctuations in water receiver on conditions of three-ply water-bearing layer allows to make a reliable assessment and the forecast on flood level of a sloping hill which, in turn, allows to make promptly a managerial nature-green decision on provision of a territory with the necessary level of environmental safety. The method of estimation of individual risk on the built-over flooded territories by taking into account the slopping hills was improved.
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кафедра охорони праці та навколишнього середовища, environmental safety, flooding, ground water
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Bereznitska J. Environmental safety of a territory due to the dangerous processes of flooding / J. Bereznitska, O. Voloshkina // USEFUL - Engineering & Computer Science : online journal. – 2017. – Vol. 1, Issue 1. – P. 21 - 33. Bibliogr. : 13 titl.