Development of models of the electromagnetic environment in buildings and urbanized areas





Levchenko, Larysa
Ausheva, Nataliia
Burdeina, Nataliia
Aznaurian, Iryna
Biruk, Yana
Kasatkina, Nataliia
Matvieieva, Iryna
Nazarenko, Vasyl
Nikolaiev, Kyrylo
Tykhenko, Oksana

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A set of measures and means to control the electromagnetic situation of the environment in the territories of urban development, in buildings and individual premises has been substantiated and developed. The simulation tools show the ability to rationalize the parameters of overhead lines with voltages of 220 kV and below, which will reduce the electromagnetic load in the territories. Modeling the propagation of fields from underground high-voltage lines has established that the values of magnetic fields compared to overhead lines are lower up to 30 times. Models of propagation of electromagnetic fields of very high and ultrahigh frequency were built. Sources of electromagnetic fields of non-production origin in industrial buildings have been investigated. Uncompensated currents in power networks with nonlinear electric consumers generate magnetic fields by induction of 0.35–1.20 μT, which exceeds the maximum permissible levels of operation of computer equipment. Leakage currents on grounded metal structures generate magnetic fields with 1.52–6.75 μT. Simulation of the propagation of electric and magnetic fields of components of personal computers of controlled ranges according to the MPRII standard was carried out. Models of propagation of the magnetic field of industrial frequency around electric motors and generators with their cross sections were built. On the basis of such models, design schemes for placing equipment in production areas are selected or places of safe stay and movement of personnel are selected. The expediency of using shielding to reduce field levels to safe values due to coating surfaces with liquid protective mixtures was shown. Metal-containing composition based on water-dispersion paint makes it possible to reduce the level= of magnetic field of industrial frequency by 2.5–2.6 times, electric field by 1.6–1.7 times, electromagnetic field of industrial frequency – by 1.2–1.3 times.


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electromagnetic field, electromagnetic situation, industrial frequency, power line, personal computer, кафедра фізики

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Development of models of the electromagnetic environment in buildings and urbanized areas / L. Levchenko, N. Ausheva, N. Burdeina, I. Aznaurian [etc] // Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies / Укр. держ. ун-т залізнич. транспорту ; відп. ред. Д. О. Дьомін. - Харків : Технологічний центр. - 2022. - Vol 6, №10 (120). - P. 35 - 45. - Bibliogr. : 20 titl. doi: