Optimization of motion regimes for machines and mechanisms with a mehatronics control





Lovejkin, V.
Chovnyuk, Y.
Romasevich, Y

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Motion control of machines and mechanisms with a mechatronics control is now recognized as a key technology in mechatronics. The robustness of such motion control will be represented as a function of stiffness and a basic for practical realization, for example, in the precise agriculture. Target of such motion is parameterized by control stiffness which could be variable according to the task reference. However the system robustness of motion always requires very high stiffness in the controller. The paper shows that control of acceleration realizes specified motion simultaneously with keeping the robustness very high. The acceleration is a bridge to connect such robustness and variable stiffness. For practical applications, a technique to estimate disturbance is introduced to make motion controller to be an acceleration controller of machine/mechanism. Optimization of motion control of flexible structure and identification of mechanical parameters are also described.


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optimization, motion, machines, mechatronics, control, оптимизация, движение, машины, мехатроника, управление, кафедра електротехніки та електроприводу, кафедра фізичного виховання та спорту

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Lovejkin V. Optimization of motion regimes for machines and mechanisms with a mehatronics control / V. Lovejkin, Y. Chovnyuk, Y. Romasevich // Motrol : Commision of motorization and energetics in agriculture : an intern. journal of operation of farm and agri-food industry machinery / Polish Acad. of sciences, Univ. of eng. and econ. in Rzesżow ; ed.-in-chief E. Krasowski. – Lublin ; Rzeszów, 2014. - Vol. 16. - № 8. - P. 107 – 118. - Bibliogr. : 16 titl.