Evolution of Reforming of the civil construction industry management system in Ukraine

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Examined are the problems of the civil construction industry performance. The main shortcomings of the management system scrutinized. The factors had been shaping the Management System of Ukraine Civil Construction Industry revealed. Description is given of elements and mechanisms of management system, advantages and disadvantages “administrative regulation”. Examined are the management technologies of the civil construction industry in the countries of market economy. Examples are given of developing the housing programs in the USA. The summary is given on the mainstream trends in managing the civil construction industry and on areas of optimization of the management system.
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construction industry, management, state regulation, строительный комплекс, система управления, государственное регулирование
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Bronevitski S. Evolution of Reforming of the Civil Construction Industry management system in Ukraine / S. Bronevitski // Motrol : Commision of motorization and energetics in agriculture: an intern. journal of operation of farm and agri-food industry machinery / Polish Acad. of sciences, Univ. of eng. and econ. in Rzesżow ; ed.-in-chief E. Krasowski. - 2015. - Vol. 17. - №8 - P. 3 - 12 - Bibliogr. : 20 titl.