Increase of fire resistance of coating wood with adding mineral fillers





Tsapko, Y.
Kyrycyok, V.
Tsapko, A.
Bondarenko, O.
Guzii, S.

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The article covers all the stages of the process of fire protection: as the separation of gases, heat transfer, the swelling of the coating, which is formed during by the action of fire. To determine the fire protection efficiency in the coatings developed, studies have been carried out on determining the combustibility of wood in terms of mass loss and increase in the temperature of flue gases, and it has been established that mass loss of coated wood does not exceed 3% and the temperature does not exceed 160°C. The results of the determination of the protection efficiency for the system have shown that under the influence of the hightemperature flame of burning of the material and the loss of the mass of the coating is reduced due to the formation of high-temperature compounds, while the time to reach the limiting temperature increases. Studies on determining the quality of fire protection wood treatment by coating showed that the rate of cooking for a rough sample of wood was more than 2 mm/min, for fire-proof samples - did not exceed 0.5 mm/min, which makes it possible to conclude that it is advisable to use them.


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fire resistance, coating wood, organic-inorganic composition, reed, fire-protection, кафедра будівельних матеріалів

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Increase of fire resistance of coating wood with adding mineral fillers / Y. Tsapko, V. Kyrycyok, A. Tsapko [atc] // Transbud-2018 : MATEC Web of Conferences. . - VoI. 230 (2018), 02034 - P. 1- 6. - Bibliogr. : 11 titl.