Principles and strategies of sustainable development of region





Ustinova, Iryna

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To determine the principles and strategies of sustainable development the analysis of general trends in human development in ecophysical sense of this phenomenon were made. The following concepts were considered: ethnogenesis, ecosystem autoregulation, demographic and dynamics of urban development. The comparative analysis of general trends in ethnic-, eco-, demo- and urbosystem testified that based thermodynamic model, results in successive changes of phases and phase transitions. The notions of ethnic homeostasis", "stable population" and "balance in urban areas" expose the essence of the phenomenon of "ecological balance" in public and environment interaction. The considered development is an oscillatory process, where the criterion of “best” is excluded, where only the rhythm of change conditions, with more or less intensity, speed and capacity development exist. It is established that the regularity of selfregulation defines the development of urban areas as the environmental and urban systems. In this regard the development of these areas is purposeful and predictable and therefore is a manageable process with a given goal – the sustainable development in a range of ecological balance. The equilibrium is described by a ratio of 1:1 between population size and demographic capacity of the territory.


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sustainable development, selfregulation ecosystem, ecological balance, demographic capacity, environmental and townplanning system, кафедра містобудування, устойчивое развитие, экосистемная саморегуляция, экологическое равновесие, демографическая емкость

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