Stakeholders of land & property development process

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Petrakovska, Olga
Mykhalova, Mariia
Reutova, Olena

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The development of Ukraine as an independent state has led to socio-economic transformations among the result of which significant changes in approaches to spatial planning and modification of the real estate market mechanisms have undergone. Urban sprawl and replotting, intensive land building-up cause the necessity of introduction of fundamentally new approaches to the property construction and investment as well as of changes in the qualification requirements for specialists involved in the development processes.


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кафедра землевпорядкування та кадастру, property, development, process

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Petrakovska O. Stakeholders of land & property development process / O.Petrakovska, M. Mykhalova, O. Reutov // «Land & property development: innovations and transformations» : coll. of matls. International scientific and practical conference 20 - 21 may 2021 yr. / Kyiv. natl. uni. of const. and ar. ; ed. – А. Lizunova; М. Mykhalova. - Kyiv : KNUCA, 2021. - P. 6 – 8. – Bibliogr. : 5 titles