Research of Mechanism of Fire Protection With Wood Lacquer





Tsapko, Yuriy
Lomaha, Vasyl
Bondarenko, Olga
Sukhanevych, Maryna

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The effect of the composition on the weight loss of wood protected by a coating based on inorganic and organic substances in the process of thermal exposure, which is a feature of the study of the flame retardant effectiveness of the composition, is investigated. The solution of this problem is carried out by specially developed methods. The influence of fire protection under the influence of high-temperature heat flux on the change in the process of loss of mass of fire-protected wood is determined and the mechanism of kinetics of action of the composition is characterized, which is characterized by a decrease in the speed of flame propagation and mass loss. The results of thermogravimetric studies determined the weight loss of the coatings as a function of temperature, the results of which investigated the activation energy at the temperature decomposition of the coatings and found that for wood it was 36.56 kJ / mol, and in the case of fire protection it increased 2.3 times. which makes it possible to conclude that it is advisable to use lacquer varnish to improve the fire retardant efficiency of wood. Thus, for the specimen of fire-retardant lacquer wood, there is a gradual decrease in temperature, ie, the work of the coating is fixed, and, accordingly, the activation energy is increased during the decomposition of the wood. In order to establish the flame retardant efficiency in the application of high-temperature blowing lacquer, studies were conducted to determine the combustibility index of wood by mass loss, flame spread and temperature increase of flue gases and found that when processing wood goes to the group of combustible materials with a burning index.


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fire resistance, coverings, wood, weight loss, temperature, activation energy, кафедра будівельних матеріалів

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Research of mechanism of fire protection with wood lacquer / Yu. Tsapko, V. Lomaha, O. Bondarenko, M. Sukhanevych // Materials Science Forum: Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Switzerland. - 2020. - Vol. 1006. - P. 32-40. Bibliogr. : 20 titl. doi:10.4028/