Theoretical principles of wave urbanistics





Ustinova, Iryna

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During studying and mathematical description of the trends of urbanized territories development as ecological and town-planning systems there were several vague similarities founded between its major parameters change periodicity and other physical values, having undulatory nature. Obtained counterparts had predetermined interest for search of fundamental basics of urbanization. It turned out that all laws of Nature has the same basis –power permanence rule. This law is known in philosophy as principle of «change of unchangeable», in ecology – as a law of ecosystem self-regulation, in accordance to which at conditions of insufficient occupancy of the territory the population amount growths, and at conditions of over occupancy it decreases. According to research, noted is also attributable to dynamics of urbanized territories development, in which all four types of physical interactions are expressed to the certain degree. These and other results of research had allowed to articulate main principles of ecological space «urban physics» content of which have proven to be coordinated with postulates of new single field physics (Bishkek ver- sion). ). Mentioned had allowed to lay down the theoretical foundation for occurrence of new branch in science of town-planning – wave urbanistics, as a science of management by undulatory processes of territories development in order to provide a conditions of their sustainable development.


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urban planning,, sustainable development,, ecosystem self-regulation,, ecological balance,, demographical capacity, ecological and town-planning systems.

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Ustinova I. Theoretical principles of wave urbanistics / I. Ustinova. // Підводні технології. Промислова та цивільна інженерія : міжнар. наук.-виробн. журнал / Київ. нац. ун-т буд-ва і архіт. ; гол. ред. Михайло Сукач. – Київ. - 2015. - №1. - С. 33-42. - Бібліогр. : 21 назва.