Vol. 18, No. 10

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    New construction and reconstruction of the historic architectural environment in a view of zones of protection the monuments of architecture and town planning
    (Lira-K, 2016) Leshchenko, Nellya
    Conservation zoning is conducted and zones of protection of the monuments of architecture and town planning of the historic towns are established to protect the monuments and their surroundings, to preserve their compositional value and perspectives of view disclosure, to maintain the traditional character of planning and building of the historic environment. The article shows how the territory of the historical town is divided by the degree of the historical and cultural value of planning, building and landscape. The author analyzes the zones of protection of the monuments of architecture and town planning, reveals their task, shows, how the boundaries of these zones are established. The regime of reconstruction of the historical architectural environment in a view of conservation zoning of the historical city is determined in the article. The regeneration of the historical architectural environment applies to the territory of the monuments, to the complex protection zone and to the protection zones of separate monuments, located outside the historic center. In zones of building regulation is used the reconstruction regime with varying degrees of interference depending on the historical value of the environment around the monument and the remoteness of the site of designing from the monument.
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    Conditions of small towns’ historic environment formation and development
    (Lira-K, 2016) Velichko, Svetlana
    To create competent reconstruction projects in historic urban environment it is necessary to carry out pre-project analysis of formation and development conditions and factors of architectural urban environment of a small town’s historical center. Historic environment is viewed as an object of the research, the components of which have been created during a certain historical period of the town’s development. The historical period must be characterized by certain evolutionary development patterns. The aim of the historic urban environment redesign is to preserve the town’s originality in the process of historical center reconstruction. Taking into consideration the results of preconception studies, it is essential to carry out further research of historical center’s values. The article deals with the analysis of the main formation and development conditions of small towns’ historic environment.