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  • Документ
    Features of base substantial differential settlements influence on structural system seismic stability
    (Lira-K, 2016) Khokhlin, Denys
    The problem of possible combination of soil base substantial differential settlements and seismic action is characterized. This theme is extremely urgent subject to significant negative influence of soil base substantial differential settlements evolution on the construction system seismic stability. The article’s aim is to consider features of such influence. The considered spectrum of the influence aspects includes:initiation of a complex stress-strain state, which loads additionally structural system when seismic loads are emerging; reduction of the structural system energy capacity to take and absorb the seismic vibration energy; abatement and rupture of seismic stability elements in the construction system; substantial change of a dynamic analytical model. The version of soil base substantial differential settlements occurrence before earthquake is selected for being studied as the most probable and destructive. Design procedure for construction systems under combination of soil base substantial differential settlements influence and seismic action on the basis of capacity spectrum method proposed by author is shortly introduced.
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    Assessment of Transport Energy Consumption when Designing Off-Ramps of Flyunder Crossings
    (Lira-K, 2016) Таrasiuk, Volodymyr
    Dependence between radiuses of curves of off-ramps and transport energy onsumption within left- and right-turning directions of traffic of flyunder crossings with the ngineering and planning solution of “cloverleaf” type with the help of software system PTV VIS-SIM is investigated. Optimum values, from the point of view of minimization of energy onsumption of a transport flow, of their radiuses of curves are defined.
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    Complex mechanization of structural coverage lifting using setting module
    (Lira-K, 2016) Chernenko, Vitalii; Sobko, Yurii
    The analysis of complex installation mechanization using adjusting hoisting module (VPVM) has been conducted. Hoisting systems allow basic assembly operations, namely many single-type operations. Namely: installation of structural coverage, verification of adjusted elements and constructions position, final attaching of the constructions. The main task at high size structural coverage lifting is to increase the productivity of installation. Determination of constructional features during installation using adjusting hoisting module (VPVM). The proposed installation enables the lifting due to the fact that the most labor-intensive operations can be automated. Coverage installation according to the way of lifting jack systems ejecting has the major advantage over existing methods of construction – installation can occur while arranging the permanent supporting elements (columns).
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    New construction and reconstruction of the historic architectural environment in a view of zones of protection the monuments of architecture and town planning
    (Lira-K, 2016) Leshchenko, Nellya
    Conservation zoning is conducted and zones of protection of the monuments of architecture and town planning of the historic towns are established to protect the monuments and their surroundings, to preserve their compositional value and perspectives of view disclosure, to maintain the traditional character of planning and building of the historic environment. The article shows how the territory of the historical town is divided by the degree of the historical and cultural value of planning, building and landscape. The author analyzes the zones of protection of the monuments of architecture and town planning, reveals their task, shows, how the boundaries of these zones are established. The regime of reconstruction of the historical architectural environment in a view of conservation zoning of the historical city is determined in the article. The regeneration of the historical architectural environment applies to the territory of the monuments, to the complex protection zone and to the protection zones of separate monuments, located outside the historic center. In zones of building regulation is used the reconstruction regime with varying degrees of interference depending on the historical value of the environment around the monument and the remoteness of the site of designing from the monument.
  • Документ
    Conditions of small towns’ historic environment formation and development
    (Lira-K, 2016) Velichko, Svetlana
    To create competent reconstruction projects in historic urban environment it is necessary to carry out pre-project analysis of formation and development conditions and factors of architectural urban environment of a small town’s historical center. Historic environment is viewed as an object of the research, the components of which have been created during a certain historical period of the town’s development. The historical period must be characterized by certain evolutionary development patterns. The aim of the historic urban environment redesign is to preserve the town’s originality in the process of historical center reconstruction. Taking into consideration the results of preconception studies, it is essential to carry out further research of historical center’s values. The article deals with the analysis of the main formation and development conditions of small towns’ historic environment.
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    Principles of classification of geological processes
    (Lira-K, 2016) Kobzar, Oleksandr
    In this paper, basic geological processes and factors affecting the formation and activation of geological processes are discussed. With consideration for the effects of these factors, the classification system for geological processes is proposed. In order to more objectively estimate geological processes according to this classification system, the classification schemes of exogenic and endogenic processes have been developed. These classification schemes may be used in the analysis of geological processes, in respect with the engineering measures for preparation and protection of urban areas with complex engineering and geological processes selection evaluation.
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    The aerobic biological purification of the wastewaters from the organic contaminants (OC) in the aerotanks with the suspended and the fixed biocenosis
    (Lira-K, 2016) Oleynik, Aleksandr; Airapetian, Tamara
    The mathematical model and calculation methods of biological purification of the waste waters from organic contaminants (OC) in the aerotanks with the suspended (free flowing) biocenosis in the form of the flukes of the active sludge and with fixed biocenosis in the form of the biofilm generated on the surface of the additional loading are presented. The characteristic properties of the modeling and calculation of the purification in the aeration tank mixers and in the aeration tank with plug flow are considered.
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    The effect of cracks on the bearing capacity of masonry structures
    (Lira-K, 2016) Popok, Karina
    The research of the effect of different types of cracks in the elements on their bearing capacity according to the calculations by past and current codes – Building Regulations ІІ22-81 (SNiP ІІ-22-81) and State Building Codes of Ukraine V.2.6-162:2010 (DBN V.2.6- 162:2010) respectively, has been conducted. The effect of the three types of cracks in the masonry structures – through vertical (single, not the compressive overload ones), through horizontal and inclined ones along indents on the bearing capacity of masonry has been analyzed. The paper provides the numerical example in which the bearing capacity of the masonry pier in the initial state (before cracking) and after cracking has been analyzed according to the calculations by the above codes.
  • Документ
    The principles of the coastal areas in the context of large cities
    (Lira-K, 2016) Husiev, Mykyta
    The coastal territory is the most valuable for using for urban purposes. The city and its water area has a strong influence on each other, their intersection is the coastal zone, the border between the built environment and the part of the nature. Relevance of the study of coastal areas in big cities is being connected to their high "demand" in different historical stages. Particular planning structure of big cities is largely determined by the nature of coastal areas and natural affinity and economic conditions. Overview of urban development of coastal areas shows growing interest to them everywhere in the world. These areas are seen as the contact zone of the natural and urban landscape. The present article considers how much the relationship between man and water area of the city was changed over the time, and what issues exist in the shaping of the coastal areas of cities nowadays. The article provides a classification of areas of city embankments upon configuration and interaction with area waters. The author identifies the basic principles of the coastal areas of cities, uses the integrated approach to the study of coastal areas, where they are considered as an integral part of urban space.
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    Spatial-Temporal Dimensions and Principles of Sustainable Development of Ecological and City-Planning Systems
    (Lira-K, 2016) Ustinova, Iryna; Chubarova, Anastasiia
    This work showed results of the research of the methodological foundations for sustainable development of ecological and cityplanning systems. This work clarified the applicability of the fundamental law of the sustainable development of open systems − the law of conservation of powers. This work established spatial and temporal dimensions of ecological and city-planning systems "population ↔ environment".