Vol. 18, No. 10

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    The principles of the coastal areas in the context of large cities
    (Lira-K, 2016) Husiev, Mykyta
    The coastal territory is the most valuable for using for urban purposes. The city and its water area has a strong influence on each other, their intersection is the coastal zone, the border between the built environment and the part of the nature. Relevance of the study of coastal areas in big cities is being connected to their high "demand" in different historical stages. Particular planning structure of big cities is largely determined by the nature of coastal areas and natural affinity and economic conditions. Overview of urban development of coastal areas shows growing interest to them everywhere in the world. These areas are seen as the contact zone of the natural and urban landscape. The present article considers how much the relationship between man and water area of the city was changed over the time, and what issues exist in the shaping of the coastal areas of cities nowadays. The article provides a classification of areas of city embankments upon configuration and interaction with area waters. The author identifies the basic principles of the coastal areas of cities, uses the integrated approach to the study of coastal areas, where they are considered as an integral part of urban space.