Ensuring Room Air Exchange for Exercises





Kapalo, P.
Vozniak, O. T.
Yurkevych, Yu.S.
Myroniuk, Kh. V.

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This paper presents the documentary part of the study of the effect of human physical activity on the microclimate of the premises. In gyms, ventilation requirements are higher than in conventional living quarters. Today, a lot of attention is paid to a healthy lifestyle. In cities where the environment is polluted with exhaust gases of vehicles, it is not recommended to go in for sports in urban parks. For this reason, a variety of simulators, including cycling, are used. When using simulators, indoor air quality deteriorates. The purpose of the study is to determine the amount of pollutants released in the room by means of experimental measurements and calculations, as well as determination of the required air exchange on the basis of the determined quantities. Such low quality of the internal environment can cause a decrease in human productivity, drowsiness, fatigue, and may also be the cause of various diseases. In this paper, an experimental measurement is documented, during which various motor activities of one person took place – sedentary administrative activity and exercise bike. Experimental measurements took place in two stages in winter. On the basis of the measured internal air parameters, the required airflow is calculated for both cases. Measured indoor air parameters (temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide concentration) are documented in figure. Estimates can be used to select equipment for conditioning in gyms. On the basis of experimental measurements, we argue that the CO2 concentration increases by 3.2 times in the case of a stationary exercise bike compared to sitting work. However, atmospheric air (m3 / year) – 5 times more.


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rooms, motor activity, carbon dioxide, ventilation, flow rate, комнаты, моторная активность, углекислый газ, вентиляция, скорость потока, кімнати, моторна активність, вуглекислий газ, вентиляція, швидкість потоку

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Ensuring Room Air Exchange for Exercises / P. Kapalo, O. T. Vozniak, Yu.S. Yurkevych, Kh. V. Myroniuk // Вентиляція, освітлення та теплогазопостачання : наук.-техн. зб. / Київ. нац. ун-т буд-ва і архіт. ; відп. ред. В. П. Корбут. - Київ : КНУБА, 2019. - Вип.29. - С. 38-42. - Бібліогр. : 9 назв.