The meanings and techniques of lighting in the car service

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The notion of a harmonious light environment involves the execution of a variety of sos-free functions. First of all, it is the creation of comfortable living conditions for people, which is to ensure the safety of traffic and pedestrians and the holistic perception of city accounting in the dark period of time. The provision of light comfort in the evening and at night is achieved on the basis of rationally selected quantitative and qualitative characteristics of artificial lighting, which are regulated by the norms.Use of territories under the car-care center is used by special measures for engineering improvement. This makes it possible to create a high level of general and artistic and aesthetic perception of the objects of the city's car service.Quality lightning is profitable. Since, the good lightning of the city reduces the number of injuries in an accident. The level of personal safety currently depends on the quality of lighting of courtyards, footpaths and playgrounds. Information to enrich or change the emotional comfort of a person is possible with the help of the right color. The basis of the formation of architectural and urban light space play of colors of the light are solved by multiple tasks: there is a light floral environment, take into account the stakes and the transfer of the color from artificial light sources at night. It is not allowed color bright "separation", bright" failure", excessive brightness, which violates the unity of the composition. The quality of light delivery depends on the spectral composition of the light source, which determines its light transmission. Lighting techniques are aimed at identifying the characteristics and effects of lighting. Lighting of facades of buildings with general flood lighting should provide visibility of its decorative and plastic elements. The main requirement for the system of light ensembles of the city is-taking into account the visual perception of a person of the illuminated object in space.
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light, light gray deposit, objects and elements of the pavement, criteria of influence, measures for the engineering improvement of the city, objects of car service
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