Efficiency of use of high-strength concrete in reinforced concrete structures





Kutsyk, Olena

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The analysis of the use of modern high-strength concrete in world practice is carried out. The advantages and disadvantages of highstrength concrete have been analyzed. The existing examples of the implementation of high-strength concrete in the world and their types and areas of application are considered. The prospects for using high-strength concrete in the construction industry of Ukraine are determined.Use of qualitative materials for the construction of supporting structures of high-rise building, and the construction of bridges, tunnels and other highly responsible buildings and structures. High-strength concrete with high durability, waterproof and gas tightness, corrosion resistance due to its homogeneous structure is efficient and promising for maintenance of all needs. In this work, samples of cubes, prisms, beams were developed and tested experimentally to determine and consider the efficiency of using high strength concrete in bending elements. In this article there are presented experimental results of tests, data on the selection of the effective composition of concrete mixture, and provided experimental samples with characteristic fractures. On the samples of the cubes that were presented, it can be seen the principles of destruction − the class C20 with normal destruction, and in the classes C60 and C80 there is a fragile nature of destruction. Also, the results of tests of prism fractures of classes C20, C60 and C80 were presented, where examples of fracture are also provided and elastic moduli of the samples were determined. The combined table showed cubic and prism strength, which shows the effectiveness of applying high-strength concrete in comparison with traditional concrete, since in concrete increase the compressive strength and the relative tensile strength, density, decreases the porosity and the structure is generally improved. The results of experimental studies of durability and crack resistance of reinforced concrete beams made of high-strength concrete are presented and compared with beams of ordinary concrete.


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High strength concrete, plasticity, strength, crack resistance, deflection, modulus of elasticity

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Kutsyk О. Efficiency of use of high-strength concrete in reinforced concrete structures / О.Kutsyk // Transfer of innovative technologies = Трансфер інформаційних технологій : international scientific journal / KNUCA ; editor-in-chief М. Sukach - Kyiv : Lira-K, 2018. - Vol. 1(1). – P. 65-74 - Bibliogr. : 18 titl.