Analysis of modified bitumen difference polymers





Onischenko, A.
Kuzmіnets, M.
Aksenov, S.

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An important step in the preparation of modified bitumen is selection of the composition and verification of various polymers’ effectiveness. Therefore, paddle mixers are widespread in both industrial and laboratory conditions for efficient mixing of bitumen with polymers. The developed method allows to determine the completion time of modification process at various process parameters (temperature, mixing speed and content of the modifier) to complete stabilization of the properties and the homogenization of bitumen. The results of studies showed that optimal time for bitumen modification at wich take place both stabilization of the properties and homogenization, ie astringent take the necessary level of uniformity with latex Butonal NS198, is about 3 hours.


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cracking resistance, rutting resistance, shear resistance, water resistance, polymermodified bitumen, laboratory blade mixer, homogenization, трещиноустойчивость, колееустойчивость, сдвигоустойчивость, водостойкость, битум модифицированный полимером, лабораторный лопастной смеситель, гомогенизация

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