Influence of urbanization on economic social scope: negative consequences





Borzenko, O.

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The architectural and construction environment has a very strong influence on the psyche of people living in it. It was noticed that the accumulation of multistory houses with evenly spaced windows of the windows helps to reduce the intelligence and increase the aggressiveness of those people who watch them daily. Similarly, the accumulation of a large number of cars that fill yards and streets is also perceived. For people that living in the city, frequent cases appearance depression. Largely it is connected with their way of life, lack of time, workload at work and home, all sorts of trouble, and you have a gradient rate accelerated rhythm life. Theoretical concepts and concepts of A. Marshall, A. Weber, E. Hoover, W. Aizard and updated by Nobel laureate in economics P. Krugman and his are key to understanding the nature and causes of population concentration and economic activity in major cities. From the point of view of these researchers, the attractive force of cities, including the largest ones, is associated in its most general form with the emergence and development of the phenomenon of agglomeration effects (agglomerative economy). In the modern theory of agglomeration effects caused by the spatial manifestation of the action of market forces and affecting the growth of cities, researchers identify two of their main types: localization effects and urbanization effects More than 50 percent of people around the world live in cities, and the World Health Organization predicts that this share will continue to grow. People migrate to cities, in particular, in Ukraine, for many reasons, including family ties and employment opportunities, political situation in a country or region and has several serious negative consequences. In order to improve the conditions of their lives, people strive to make them more comfortable, comfortable and favorable for themselves. However, this leads to the separation of man from the natural environment of his habitation and to the violation of natural ecosystems. It creates a kind of urban system, consisting of architectural and construction objects and much disturbed natural ecosystems. Thus, the levels of urbanization in Ukraine's regions will over time be aligned. The development of existing agglomerations and the formation of new ones, in particular in the coastal part of Ukraine, will continue.


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urbanization, biosphere, urban environment, depopulation, urban population

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Borzenko O. Influence of urbanization on economic social scope: negative consequences / O. Borzenko // Transfer of innovative technologies = Трансфер інформаційних технологій : international scientific journal / Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture ; editor-in-chief М. Sukach. - Kyiv : Lira-K, 2019. - Vol. 2(1). – P. 75-82. - Bibliogr. : 31 titl.