Features of cadastral accounting and monitoring of water facilities in Ukraine





Petrakovska, Olga
Dubnytska, Marharyta

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Presents the peculiarities and problems of water bodies cadastral account in Ukraine. The results of analyses the regulatory framework in the field of water bodies monitoring and account in cadastre are presented. Authors compare approaches to the water objects classification of Ukrainian and European legislation and the science of hydrology. The article presents a consolidated list of types of water bodies with definitions in terms of cadastre. Authors consider objects classification of the cadastral systems according to their dimension, that is, the ability to simulate the real world object in a certain amount of spatialtemporal measurements. The system of water management authorities in Ukraine and distribution of responsibilities between them are also analyzed. Authors identified some problems such as mutual duplication of functions, and sometimes even conflicts over the division of powers between different executive bodies. The system of water objects state registration in Ukraine according to the current legislation is formalized. In particular, the systems for water objects account in Ukraine are analyzed in detail. Authors have sent information requests for public information to the authorities, that manage State Water Cadastre in Ukraine (the State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine, the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations, the State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine). On the basis of responses analysis the status of State Water Cadastre in Ukraine is investigated and its ability to carry out managerial tasks is evaluated. It is proved that water bodies account in existing twodimensional cadastral systems in principle cannot be complete and adequate, as water objects are three-dimensional in nature. Finally, authors recommend to develop a single, three-dimensional monitoring and account system for water objects in Ukraine.


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water bodies, managerial decisions, 3D cadastre, classification, State Water Cadastre, кафедра землевпорядкування і кадастру

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Petrakovska O. Features of cadastral accounting and monitoring of water facilities in Ukraine / O. Petrakovska, M. Dubnytska // Transfer of innovative technologies = Трансфер інформаційних технологій : international scientific journal / KNUCA ; editor-in-chief М. Sukach. - Kyiv : Lira-K, 2018. - Vol. 1(1). – P. 26-35 - Bibliogr. : 22 titl.